TMS On-Premise to T.M.A.S SaaS

planning the migration

Table of Contents


    This article aims at establishing the different steps and scope of work required for TMS / T.M.A.S. migration.  It should serve as the basis in establishing the time required for the whole migration operation. The migration process is divided into multiple phases. This article will cover each specific phase with the required information and preparation prior to beginning the migration. The estimated time required will be established according to the results of the questions and information for each phase covered in this article. An appropriate package correlating these results will be provided by our sales team.

    Where to start?

    Identify your needs and requirements

    •  What is the purpose of performing the update or migration? Examples include but are not limited too...
      • Support a new traffic counter technology.
      • Obtain new software features such as scheduled reporting, email alerts, dashboard ….ect
      • Liberate internal system and IT resources.

    Identify your current installation


    SMS required information about your current TMS Installation, Database and Integrations

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