T.M.A.S communication with STC-U200/W200

Store Traffic Collector Communication Ports

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    The STC-U200 or W200 device can only accept incoming connections on port 502 from compatible SMS software for traffic reporting.  T.M.A.S. requires the ability to connect to the STC each hour (or 30min) in-order to retrieve the traffic from the previous hour to populate the reporting.

    Steps to allowing TMAS to communicate with the STC:

    1. Program an IP, Subnet and Gateway of the store network it is located at into the Unit.  Preferable a non-used Static IP that will not conflict with other equipment in the location. Refer to the STC-U200/W200 user manual for steps on this. Click for Process
    2. Connect - STC needs to be wired to the network by a patch cable.  Any available network port on a hub, switch, router will do, unless otherwise directed to use a specific port advised by your network administrator.
    3. Open - Port 502 TCP incoming from TMAS Server [www.smssoftware.net] on the network router/firewall.  The TMAS application CANNOT configure your router automatically.  For Steps - Please refer to your Router / Firewall user guide, IT Network administrator, or Internet Service Provider contact to set this up. Please Note that SMS Storetraffic.com does not provide support to setup this configuration. 
      • PortForward.com may have a helpful guide on how to open the port on your router. As they offer guides on how to perform this is most routers existing today.
      • www.yougetsignal.com offers a tool to verify if port 502 is open for your location using your Public IP.
    4. Update - TMAS Equipment Inventory with Public IP address or Dynamic DNS address for Store location. To verify these settings, proceed to the END of the following process. Click for Process

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