Data Privacy Recommendations for 3D Scope II

Learn and understand the importance of data privacy when using a 3DScope II and various methods for protecting your sensitive data.

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    Data privacy is a critical concern in today's digital world, and it is imperative to safeguard the privacy of individuals while using technology. SMS Storetraffic offers the 3D Scope II as a people counting solution in partnership with the manufacturer Hella Aglaia / Forvia, and it is crucial to ensure that the device collects and processes data in a manner that respects individual privacy. This knowledge article provides recommendations and best practices for ensuring data privacy when using 3D Scope II offered by SMS Storetraffic.

    Privacy by Design

    The 3D Scope II is primarily designed to count the number of people within its coverage area, with a focus on data minimization. It does not aim to identify individuals, and the default operation of the 3D Scope II does not involve the transfer of video or image data. Instead, the 3D Scope II typically counts people and sends aggregated data to analytic servers (T.M.A.S.). The 3D Scope II does not perform face recognition or store any data for identifying individuals.

    Security Measures

    To ensure data privacy, the following security measures are implemented:

    1. Password Protection: Both the 3D Scope II configuration setup in the web browser HMI and the system itself are password protected, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

    2. No Data Transfer to Hella Aglaia / Forvia (Original Equipment Manufacturer): The 3DScope II does not send any data to Hella Aglaia Forvia, and the company does not have backdoor access to 3DScope II data.

    Privacy by Licenses

    Some licenses for additional software options are included with the 3D Scope II by SMS Storetraffic. The Video Recording license is installed by default, while the Wireless Services license is not used nor is it part of SMS Storetraffic offerings. Customers should consider their specific needs and evaluate the necessity of these features for their use case.

    Video Recording License: This feature records video internally, including uploading. The primary function of this feature is to provide the ability to audit the people counting device for accuracy. Customers should consider whether they need this feature, and if not, it can be easily disabled or completely removed to enhance data privacy.

    Privacy by Default Configuration

    The default setup and configuration settings of the 3D Scope II is designed with privacy in mind. However, there are some additional steps that can be taken to enhance data privacy:

    1. Use secure communication protocols (https) for HMI access

    2. Limit the HMI session length to meet maximum requirements

    3. Disable camera views if they are not needed

    Privacy of Data Handled by Customer Configuration

    To ensure that data privacy is maintained, customers should configure the 3D Scope II according to their specific needs and regional privacy regulations. As such SMS Storetraffic recommends the following countermeasures for potential privacy issues:

    1. Access Control: Change default passwords for HMI and system access to prevent unauthorized access.

    2. Data Anonymization: Use longer-term sum-ups for count data to anonymize individual counts (Real-time vs intervals such as 15, 30 or 60min).

    3. Secure Communication: Encourage the use of secure protocols like https or SFTP for data transfer when required. 


    It is important to recognize that while SMS Storetraffic offers the 3D Scope II, the responsibility for maintaining data privacy ultimately lies with the customers who use it. They should make informed decisions regarding licenses, software options, and configuration settings to align with their data privacy requirements.


    Data privacy is a fundamental aspect of using the 3D Scope II with SMS Storetraffic. By following the recommendations and best practices outlined in this knowledge article, customers can use the 3D Scope II while maintaining a high standards of data privacy, ensuring that individual rights and privacy are respected.




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