Discover how to filter out staff counts with SMS (3D exclusive)

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    What is staff-filtering?

    Staff-filtering is the process of filtering out or excluding individuals who are part of the staff or employees from being counted. 

    By filtering staff from the count, businesses can get a more accurate representation of customer traffic and make better decisions regarding staffing, operations, and resource allocation.

    (Yes, that's an AI-generated picture, good catch!)

    What are the best use-case scenarios?

    • High-end retail stores with low traffic and high staff 
      • (e.g. jewelry stores, eyewear stores, luxury apparel, etc.)
    • Stores with staff assisting customers by going in and out multiple times and/or offering outdoor assistance and demos 
      • (e.g. car/RV/motorcycle dealerships, bicycle stores, garden centers, hardwar-rental stores, etc.)
    • Single-access locations where employee traffic can represent a significant portion of total traffic 
      • (e.g. tourist stores in low seasons, low traffic locations with security personnel, staff interacting with pass-by traffic, etc.)

    Advantages of staff-filtering with SMS Storetraffic

    Accurate Customer Counts: Filtering staff from counts provides businesses with a clear view of customer traffic, aiding in staffing decisions, marketing strategies, and resource allocation.

    Improved Analytics: Precise customer counts lead to better analytics and insights.

    Optimized Operations: Detailed customer data helps businesses adjust staff schedules and improve customer service based on actual demand.

    Enhanced Marketing Strategies: Knowing customer traffic trends allows for more effective marketing, targeting peak times for maximum sales and engagement.

    Cost Savings: Accurate measurements and optimized staffing reduce labor costs while maintaining support during busy times.

    Overall, staff exclusion, when deployed in locations where it makes sense, in people counting contributes to better decision-making, improved customer experiences, and increased operational efficiency for businesses across various industries.

    • Leaving UWB tags at the location
    • Charging UWB tags bi-weekly
    • Have 1 to x spare units (depending on how much staff you have)
    • Staff opening/closing the location should bring tags to the door and distribute them to staff joining them during the day
    • Make staff accountable for wearing UWB tags at all times

    What's Needed?

    Full technical requirements : Learn more here

    1. 3Dscope II LC or HC: indoor models that have a USB slot.
    2. 3DScope II Staff Exclusion Kit: Includes UWB Receiver, and UWB Tags (as shown below)
    3. QI Certified Inductive Charging Station: to be purchased separately (example shown below)
    3Dscope II LC or HC 
    UWB Receiver
    UWB Tags
    QI Certified Inductive Charging Station (example)

    Installation and Configuration

    Learn more here

    How do I get started?

    Contact to get started!


    Q: Will staff-filtering work with PEARLs?
    A: There is no staff-exclusion functionality for PEARL units

    Q: Can it work outdoors?
    A: No, this is an indoor-exclusive feature

    Q: Can the tags be used in all of our stores? Or does each store have independent tags?
    A : No, our UWB tags work with any of our UWB receivers.

    Q: Can I install this in only a portion of my locations? Or do I need to install them in all locations?
    A: It is not required to be installed in all locations.

    Q: Where can I find more information on the setup?
    A: Learn more here

    Q: Are tags personal? Can they be linked to a staff member's ID?
    A: No. The tags cannot be used to identify individual employees.

    Q: Do I have to pay for a subscription to use this feature?
    A: No. This is a hardware-based feature.

    Q: Can UWB tags bought elsewhere be used with SMS' UWB receiver?
    A: No, this UWB technology is exclusive to our manufacturer. The only highly unexpected case is if this device would have been purchased from another reseller of this exact same solution.



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