3DScope II - Network / Bandwidth requirements

Table of Contents

    The network requirements for the 3DScope counters are as follows:

    Count Transmission is roughly a low 17kb per count per device in real-time mode. or 17kb every 15mins in regular reporting mode.

    Single Counter Requirements:

    Cabling Requirement : Gigabit Ethernet with twisted pair cables, known as 1000BASE-T, IEEE 802.3 Clause 40
    (earlier known as IEEE 802.3ab).

    Supply Voltage : Input voltage UPoE (PD class 0) via Ethernet 36 .. 57 V DC
    Power consumption PIN (without USB load) 6 W (125 mA at 48 V DC)

    Ethernet : Needs to be plugged to a gigabit port on the switch.
    Transfer rate:100 / 1000 MBit/s
    Cable length, maximum 100 m (328 ft)
    Connector type (APS/PC) RJ-45

    Transfer rate would be highest during calibration as the interface would need to stream video to the browser of the calibrator (Who in on the network or connected by VPN).

    Video recording is recorded on-board the device and then either uploaded to FTP on video completion (15min for manual recording, 30min for scheduled recordings).  Uploads can be scheduled to occur overnight outside prime hours if needed.  Depending on the configured video settings (Resolution, Framerate and Bitrate) the file size can verify between 20 to 90mb for 30min recordings and will follow the standard network file upload transfer rates
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