3D Scope II - Communication with T.M.A.S

Table of Contents


    The 3DScope II traffic counter uses port 443 (HTTPS) to communicate its traffic to the SMS T.M.A.S. Hosted SaaS software platform on a SOAP protocol.  

    • Every 15 minutes once a device is recognized as assigned it will report its last 15 minutes of counts.  The approximate size of the communication is (15kb)
    • If Ever the device is without internet access, the count notifications are stored within it's internal memory buffer and transmitted once the internet access has been restored.

    Required Network Router/Firewall rules


    • Verify that the traffic counter is powered and connected to the network at the PoE Injector or PoE Switch 
    • Verify that the traffic counter is programmed with the following PUSH information and checked off as enabled.
    • Verify that the traffic counter has a valid gateway and the IP address assigned has internet access.
    • Verify that the traffic counter is programmed with valid DNS server addresses. (Default Google DNS and
    • Reboot Device by Service Tools if any information such as the gateway or DNS IP addresses were changed.
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