3D Scope II - Video Recording Feature

How to set the video recording for auditing

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    Customers are recommended to record videos including data (e.g. count data) to validate the accuracy of the sensor. It is an easier solution than validating live on site, due to the large amount of statistically relevant information produced in real time. The 3DScope II models have additional memory and can store this video data locally. After being recorded, the data can be automatically sent to a FTP server, or manually downloaded from the user interface.

    In addition to the camera image, this video recording also includes the relevant setup, counting, zone monitoring and tracking data. The "APS Video Player" (Windows version only) can be used to view these recordings. It can export plain video files with selected overlays (to be played with standard video tools) for the end customer.

    Prior to setting a Video Recording verify the traffic counter time zone is correct

    It is important to verify the traffic counter date/time settings prior to enabling and settings a recording so that the scheduled recording and video files will represent the correct date/time.

    How to verify/edit the 3DScope II date/time zone settings

    Login to the traffic counter - The current date/time is indicated on the bottom right of the 3DScope login page.

    In the event the Date/Time is incorrect, refer to the following settings to correct.

    1. Select Other Settings
    2. Select the Continent and City the device is located in or closest too.
      • If you are unsure, here is a link to a helpful website to verify which settings to use based on the city/country.  www.timeanddate.com Just enter a city or place in the "World Clock" search bar.
    3. Select Date from the Calendar
    4. Set the Hour and Minute according to the location time.
    5. Click Save (Proceed to reboot the counter)
    6. Select Service Tools
    7. Click Reboot

    Once the counter has rebooted, verify the date/time again on the bottom right of the login screen.

    *NOTE* NTP settings are NOT recommended if your device reports traffic to T.M.A.S or TMSE software platforms.

    Configuring the Video Recording options

    Before completing the below steps, verify and if required follow the steps on how to set the appropriate time zone.

    1. Click Video Recording
    2. If you require manual recording select the required option start or stop
    3. Programing a Recording: If active, a video will be recorded onto the devise memory on the predefined start date and time for the specified duration. You can also activate the file upload specified in step 5.
    4. Select the desired option, Delete select video or download the select video. And if your network support it you can select the File Upload option which will require an FTP server setting.

    Using the APS Video Player to review footage.

    The "APS Video Player" (Windows version only) can be used to view these recordings. It can export plain video files with selected overlays (to be played with standard video tools) for the end customer.

    Current Version of the APS Player is v1.13 and supports 3DScope II cams up to the latest firmware release of version v1.19  The player is also compatible with all previous video recording files from firmware's v1.12 and above.

    Installation Files

    Use the following link to download the player Setup_APS_Video_Player_v1.17.0.Win64_RC1.exe_.zip

    How to Install the APS Player

    *NOTE* Please uninstall any previous versions of the APS player prior to installation a new version. Uninstall process is like any other program in windows using the Apps & Features menu (WIN 10) or Add / Remove Programs is previous versions of windows.

    1. Download the player Setup_APS_Video_Player_v1.17.0.Win64_RC1.exe_.zip 
    2. Extract the .exe file.
    3. Run the APS Player installation .exe file.
    4. Click Yes 
    5. Respond Yes to admin installation or enter your PC credentials If your PC/Laptop prompts.
    6. Select a directory location to install the player
    7. Click Next
    8. Click Install to start the installation 
    9. Installation progress will be shown
    10. Click Finish

    How to use the APS Player

    1. Launch the APS Player
    2. Select Folder to open a file
    3. Browse and Select previous downloaded Video file from the 3DScope II.
    4. Click Open and the file will open in the window
    5. Select these options to view the Count Line, People Track and Floor Area.
    6. Click Play to start the Video
    7. (Optional) Use the play track to rewind or fast forward the video.  Use of the CNT buttons will skip to the next or previous detected count in the video.

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