Real-Time Licenses Assignment

Learn how to assign licenses to your users in real time and see the immediate results.

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    The Real-Time Licenses Assignment feature allows T.M.A.S. Chain and User admins to change the interval of 3DScope II and Pearl counters between 15min and triggered in respect to their current allotment of subscriptions.

    • Real-Time TMAS subscription
    • 3DScope II or Pearl traffic counter
    • TMAS Chain and User access privileges

    How to modify Real-Time device intervals

    1. Login to T.M.A.S.
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Select Equipment Inventory
    4. Click the Device Management Icon from the top banner next to the alert icon to open the Real-Time License Assignment window.
    5. Toggle which devices should report counts live or select at which interval counts should report in. 

    Pearl Battery Life

    Note that changing the interval on the Pearl traffic counter will have a negative impact on the battery life as it will need to communicate more often to report traffic.




    Q: Maximum number of licenses reached error.
    A:  Toggle off real-time on another enabled counter and then re-enable on the current device.  If more license allotments are needed, contact
    Q: Cannot access Equipment Inventory.
    A: Login with a user which has Chain and User access privileges (T.M.A.S. Admin).
    Q: I do not see the Real-Time device management icon.
    A: A real-time T.M.A.S. subscription is required, as well as Chain and User privileges.  
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