How to import a sales transaction log

Setting an occupancy threshold for a location

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    Transaction logs can be imported in T.M.A.S. in order to populate data on the Today's Dashboard as well as various reports which provide KPIs based on combining traffic with sales, transactions, items and staff data.

    The import can be configured in the event that T.M.A.S. does not currently support your P.O.S. for direct integration and your P.O.S. has the ability to export a transactional log report (delimited CSV file where with 1 row per transaction).

    Once configured, T.M.A.S. will retrieve a file on a the set schedule to import from the supplied integrated FTP solution. Note: Custom FTP is available, please contact to provide the FTP information for whitelisting prior to proceeding with this configuration. 

    Example: T.M.A.S. - Manage locations Import - transactions log file

    Steps to setup the transaction log import

    1. Select a location
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Select Manage Locations
    4. Select Import / Export Data / P.O.S. Integration
    5. Click Add
    6. Complete General Information
      1. Label = name for import or POS name
      2. Import type = delimited
      3. File Mask = name of file and or type to look for on FTP
      4. Delimiter = Comma or Semi-colon
      5. Status = must be checked for job to work
      6. FTP - Use Default
        • Use create new Storetraffic FTP account if dropdown is blank.
        • To use custom contact as FTP will need to approved for whitelisting
      7. root - default /imports check box to change default path to another directory on the FTP (Folder must exist to be able to save job)
    7. Click Next
    8. Set Schedule type to match the frequency you will upload and Hour for a couple minutes after the expected file upload.
    9. Click Next
    10. Complete Columns Information
      1. Location Mask = Location ID
      2. Select date format matched date column in file
      3. Check off Transaction log file
      4. Set the following columns Location ID, Date, Hour, Minute, Trans Id, Amount, Items numbers matching which the import file. 
    11. Click Preview File - example should match your import file.
    12. Click Add - Job will now to saved and run on the set schedule.
    13. Test File Upload and Click Run on Demand to import. Once completed, Go to Analytics / Reports and run a Totaling or Data Export report to verify the imported data.

    Additional aid for file importation verification and setup

    An appointment can be made with SMS Techsupport for a video conference call to determine what capabilities your POS has in order to perform this setup.  Contact to make an appointment.

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