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    Special events are facts you want to keep track of when they impact your company / location in terms of traffic and/or performance. Recording these is essential to highlight differences between periods when running comparison reports.

    The most evident example is COVID-19 as well as extreme weather related events : snow storms, heavy rains, twisters, extreme temperatures and anything impacting your activity negatively or positively. Other examples could be strikes, festivals, temp closures around your own location, etc.

    How to create a Special Event

    1. Expand Manage Menu
    2. Select Special Events
    3. Select Add in the Special Events Menu
    4. Input a name for the event
    5. Indicate a start date & time along with end date & time
    6. Select a status between 'viewable in report' or 'Do not include in report' (To be displayed in Data Export report or not)
    7. Input extensive details about the event if need be
    8. (Optional) If the event apply to multiple location(s) , select advanced option to apply this event to multiple location(s). 

    Editing or Removing Special Events

    Once recorded, each of your events appears in the list where you can edit (change the End date for example) or delete it.

    Filtering Special Events

    Select the location from the drop down to show events ONLY related to that specific location.

    Special Events Reporting

    Special events will appear in the Facts column of the Data Export report.

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