PEARL - Adding a Wi-Fi Extender

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    The purpose of this article is to help customers resolve a weak Wi-Fi signal at the PEARL's installation point by installing a low-cost Wi-Fi Extender

    Please note that although we suggest the Extender model below, we do not provide additional support than what is mentioned in this article. Should you have issues configuring or installing this unit, we included the TP-Link website links below to help.

    Where to purchase:

    Installation Guide

    Power on the extender
    Plug the extender into a power outlet near your current router and wait until the power LED is lit solid blue.

    Connect to the extender
    Unplug any Ethernet cable connected to your computer if any.
    Click your Wi-Fi or Network Icon. On a Windows PC, this icon is located at the bottom right of your taskbar next to the clock.
    Depending on your connection status you could see one of the following icons:
    Connect to the TP-LINK_Extender_2.4GHz.

    Open a web browser and enter one of the following in the address bar and press enter: or
    Create your administrative password and take note of it. Once completed click Start.
    On the following page, you will need to configure the 2.4GHz network.
    • Select your current 2.4GHz network SSID.
    • Input your current 2.4GHz network Password.
    • Click Next.

    On the following page, you'll need to configure your 5GHz network (Optional, PEARLs only works on 2.4GHz).
    • Select your current 5GHz network SSID (or click skip if not needed).
    • Input your current 5GHz network Password.
    • Click Next.
    On the following page, you'll need to label your Extenders SSID for 2.4 and 5 GHz network
    • Label them differently than your current network.
    • In the example we only added "-EXT"  to our preexisting Wi-Fi network's name.
    • Once done click Next.
    On the following page you'll have a summary of your configuration.
    • Review the configuration and click Save.
    The TP-LINK Extender will now apply the setting and reboot.
    • Each of the configured Wi-Fi should now have its corresponding solid blue LED activated.

      At this point configuration of the Extender is now completed.

    Relocate the Extender
    Plug the extender into a power outlet that about halfway between your router and the pearl(s)
    • The chosen location must be within range of your host network (your current Wi-Fi Area)
    Wait until the signal LED is lit and solid blue.
    • If not relocate the extender closer to your router or Wi-Fi area to achieve a better signal

    Reconfigure your PEARL(s)

    How to update the PEARL(s) Wi-Fi settings
    You've now completed the installation and configuration of your TP-LINK Extender. You can now connect your pearl(s) by updating their Wi-Fi setting.

    How to confirm PEARL's connection

    Confirming PEARL is connected
    Open a web browser and enter the following in the address bar and press enter:
    On the TP-LINK page
    • Click on Advanced Settings
    • Click on Access Control
      • Under Online Devices you should now see your Pearl(S) Mac Address

    Where to find additional help

    Here are some quick links:

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