PEARL People Counter: Key Features & Specifications

Explore the PEARL People Counter, an advanced solution for accurate crowd management. Discover its key features, specifications, and benefits for effective space utilization and security.

Table of Contents

    Range and Sensitivity

    • Traffic Environment Suitability: Designed for accurate counting in low and medium traffic environments.
    • Maximum Distance (Normal Conditions): 15 feet (4 meters).
    • Maximum Distance (With Sunlight on Sensor): 7 feet 6 inches.
    • SMART Filter: Filters out rapid hand movements.

    Battery Optimization

    • Auto-Adjust Signal: Optimizes battery life.
    • Power Management: Powers down when the location is closed to conserve battery, reactivates upon reopening. Business hours must be set.
    • Battery Life Expectancy: Typically, 6 to 9 months, up to 1 year under optimal conditions (hourly communication, not at maximum distance, minimal exposure to sunlight, infrequent obstructions, strong Wi-Fi signal, approximately 62 hours of location being open weekly). Live Occupancy significantly reduces this; consult our team for your specific scenario.
    • Battery Type: Uses standard AA batteries, eliminating the need for hard-to-find, costly lithium batteries. This is the primary cause of support calls for other detectors.
    • Alerts: Email alerts for low battery, communication errors, and sensor obstruction. In-App notifications are not available yet.

    Security and Communication

    • HTTPS Encryption: Secure encrypted HTTPS communication for count data.
    • Privacy-Respecting: Ensures user privacy during traffic analysis without capturing personal data.
    • Firmware: Upgradable firmware.
    • Configuration and Setup: Configurable via App; simple Wi-Fi setup syncing with your phone's Wi-Fi. Includes an Access Point mode.
    • Wi-Fi Network Compatibility: Works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks using WPA/WPA2 security protocols.
    • Installation Mode: For straightforward alignment.
    • Count Mode: For validating counts and testing accuracy.

    App Features and Reporting

    • App Accessibility: Complimentary App with cloud reporting, 4 weeks of history, and hourly breakdowns. Supports multiple locations and sensors, but not multiple users. (T.M.A.S. subscription required for multiple users)
    • Communication Rate: 60 minutes with the free App; upgradeable to 30 or 15 minutes (which will decrease battery life) with T.M.A.S. Real-Time option available with the appropriate T.M.A.S. subscription.
    • Data Storage: Built-in time clock and up to 24 days of count data memory in case of Wi-Fi disruption.
    • Detailed Breakdown: Count breakdown to 15-minute intervals (60 minutes with the free App). Real-Time option available with the appropriate T.M.A.S. subscription.

    Installation and Compliance

    • 2-Year Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty and express replacement service.
    • Ease of Installation: Marketed as the most accessible and easy-to-install with minimal tools required.
    • Installation: Straightforward peel and stick, brackets can also be screwed in (mounting hardware not included), security screws, secured battery compartment.
    • Color Options: Available in black or light gray to better blend into various environments.
    • Compliance: Compliant with CE, FCC, IC, WEEE, ROHS standards.
    • Manufacturing: Manufactured in Canada.
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