PEARL People Counter - Details & Features List

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    Here are the full technical details & features list.

    • Max distance normal conditions: 15 feet (4 Meters).
    • Max distance with sunlight shining on the sensor: 7 feet 6 inches
    • Auto-Adjust Signal to Maximize battery life
    • SMART Filter: Fast hand movement is filtered
    • Battery expectancy: typical 6 to 9 months. Maximum 1 year with an optimal scenario: hourly communication, not max distance, not max exposure to sunlight, rarely blocked and good wi-fi signal, about 62 hours weekly location opening time. When running on Energizer batteries. Live Occupancy greatly reduces this, check with our team VS your scenario.
    • Shuts down when your location closes to save battery. Activates when it reopens (with business hours configured).
    • Normal AA batteries. It does not require hard to find and expensive lithium batteries. The number one reason for support calls with other detectors.
    • Email Alerts for low battery, communication error, and sensor blockage (Not In-App notifications, not yet)
    • Secure Encrypted HTTPS communication of count data
    • Firmware Upgradable for peace of mind
    • Configured through App
    • Easy Wi-Fi setup as the sensor syncs your phone's Wi-Fi (has an Access Point mode)
    • Install mode for easy alignment
    • Count mode for count validation and accuracy testing
    • Free App with cloud reporting, 4 weeks of history, hourly breakdown. Multi-location and multi-sensor. NOT multi-user.
    • 60 minutes communication rate with free APP. Upgradable to 30 minutes or 15 minutes ( both will reduce battery life) with T.M.A.S. . Real-Time as an option with the right T.M.A.S. subscription.
    • Built-in Time Clock & up to 24 days memory of count data in case of Wi-Fi outage
    • Breakdown of counts down to 15 minutes intervals (60 minutes in free APP). Real-Time as an option with the right T.M.A.S. subscription.
    • Easy to install (peel and stick) 
    • Brackets can also be screwed-in (mounting hardware not provided)
    • Security Screws
    • Secured battery compartment
    • CE, FCC, IC, WEEE, ROHS compliant
    • Made in Canada with the help of Passeport Innovation (PASI)
      • Supports  802.11 b/g/n on the 2.4ghz bands only
      • Supports WPA/WPA2.
      • No support for WPA2 Enterprise (MSCHAPv2 and the like)
      • Requires SSID and password, no other Wi-Fi login form.
    • Operating Temperature: Built specifications -40 to 85 celsius but extremes could affect battery life.
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