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    This article is to help you "speak PEARL" and understand the possible light code shown by the PEARL's LED.

    **Note that initial versions of PEARL did not blink when counts were registered. If you see traffic in your app, but no light blinking for an IN or OUT count, contact us ( ) and we will update your firmware.

    Most common status

    • While reviewing the led status take note that the led blink green and red as people cross the Pearls beams.  
    Led Status Details 
    3x red blink every 10 seconds (Main Only) Wi-Fi connectivity issues
    1x red blink every 5 seconds (Main or Secondary) Low Batteries
    Reference article for help: PEARL - How to replace batteries
    1x green blink every 3 seconds (Main or Secondary)  Main Unit: Unit not configured
    Reference article for help: Start counting with PEARL
    Secondary Unit: Requires a reboot, proceed to remove a single battery and put back in the unit to get it to reboot.  If the problem still persists, contact 

    Led Status Chart

    Light status during a power cycle
    • Main Unit (labeled with 'M'): The light will turn on solid green for ~12seconds and then will go off
    • Secondary Unit (labeled with 'S'): The light will turn on solid green for ~5seconds and then will go off

    Light status for count validation Status is seen on the Main (M) unit only
    • Indicating an In Count: 1 Quick green blink

    • Indicate an Out count: 1 Quick red blink

    Light Status during normal operations

    Main Unit only:

    • 1 x Green blink every 3 seconds: The unit has not been configured yet.

    Main Unit only:

    • 3 x Red blink every 10 seconds: The unit is not able to communicate with our software

    Main or Secondary Unit

    • 1 x Red blink every 5 seconds: Batteries in the unit are depleted

    Light status during setup mode

    Main and Secondary unit:

    • A solid green light on both units: Units are aligned with each other
    • See the Q&A section below if you get intermittent red blinks.

    Main and Secondary unit:

    • A solid red light on both units: Units are not aligned with each other

    Light status during a factory reset

    Main unit only

    • During the factory reset you'll have a solid red light after a few seconds it will go off. The unit will then reboot with a solid green light and once it is done booting up it will start to blink green to confirm it is no longer configured.


    Q: In setup mode, the light flashes between green and red

    A: There is a source of interference currently linked to Infrared that is impacting the pearl signal.

    Reference article to help: Pearl - Automated door installation

    Q: My main unit has a solid green light that will not turn off

    A: This is because the batteries are very low, the unit is starting its boot process, but fails and retry. Your batteries need to be changed.

    Reference article to help: PEARL - How to replace batteries

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