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How many people currently present in a location

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    This feature allows for the monitoring of a location or group of locations space occupancy in Real-Time.  This is useful to determine how many people are currently occupying a space where the counters are located.

    Covid-19 Pop-Out
    Standard Pop-out
    Occupancy Trend Monitor
    Location Group Monitoring

    This screen also has the ability to display your locations maximum occupancy as well as warn when you are close or over your locations MAX threshold.

    Screen Refresh Rate

    The occupancy stats are based on your current counter as well as T.M.A.S. subscription. SMS suggests the LIVE DATA subscription for best results which allows your compatible traffic counters (PEARL and 3DScope 1st or 2nd Gen) to send count updates as soon as someone walks IN or OUT. Otherwise default settings for 3DScopes is to push counts every 15mins and the PEARL (without subscription) once an hour.

    SMS Storetraffic mobile app

    To learn how to view occupancy from the SMS APP - Click Here

    Multiple Location Grouping for Occupancy

    Create a group or select an existing group to display all locations current occupancy.

    For more information on Groups Management click here

    Single Location Trend Graph Screen Details

    1. Current Occupancy of the location
    2. Maximum Occupancy (Displays if configured for the location) Learn how to configure
    3. Occupancy % indicates the current locations saturation based on current occupancy vs. Max occupancy (Max Occupancy must be defined)
    4. Interval Trend Graph- Provides insight on how occupancy may be trending based on the current interval and 4 intervals prior .
    5. Adjust Occupancy and Toggle between adjusted / unadjusted counts - The last time the occupancy was modified will be displayed below. (Note* Should the need arise to require modifying the occupancy you will not lose the original stats)
    6. Occupancy Pop-Out - Display circle or signage based occupancy depending on the skin configured - Learn More
    7. Reset to system to default occupancy calculation removes any adjusted counts

    Automated Occupancy Reset Timing

    By default occupancy will reset each day at midnight 00:00.  Should you desire alter the time at which occupancy is reset, this can performed as follows.

    Reset Occupancy Calculations

    This setting applies to ALL LOCATIONS

    How to adjust the occupancy reset time

    1. Select your Top Level chain from the location tree
    2. Select Manage Locations
    3. Select the Advanced Tab
    4. Input time in Reset Occupancy Calculations Field
    5. Scroll down and click Save

    Setting a Max Occupancy

    The Max occupancy is set location by location in T.M.A.S.

    How to set the maximum occupancy for a location

    1. Select location from location options
    2. Select Manage Locations under Administration
    3. Select Advanced from the left side menu
    4. Input Occupancy Max for location
    5. Click Save

    Occupancy Pop-out Skins

    Covid-19 Skin

    The covid-19 skin displays messages indicating when customers can enter into a location dependent on the current occupancy and max. The Occupancy percentage and value will change color depending how close to the MAX the value is currently. When the MAX has been reached a flashing screen indicating please wait/stop will be displayed.

    Standard Skin

    No messages appear in this mode, The Occupancy percentage, current value and circle will change color depending how close to the MAX the location is.

    Selecting the Occupancy Pop-out Skin

    1. Select location from location options
    2. Select Manage Locations under Administration
    3. Select Advanced Tab
    4. Bullet Desired Skin type
    5. Input Occupancy Max for location
    6. Click Save

    Customizing your screenlet to your requirements.

    Add your own text to the screenlet display.

    Modify text, color and background color as desired and apply.

    Select Remove all customizations made to revert back to default.

    Displaying Occupancy on a display or TV

    With T.M.A.S. you have the ability using the built-in WEBAPI configure a link to open on a browser of a screen within any location to display occupancy info.  Use the following process to set this up.

    The Occupancy display is available in 2 different skins and 3 languages (English, French and Spanish)

    Display Example Links

    The Screenlet is available in English/French/Espagnole


    To change the language, you need to add the “lang” parameter to the URL of the Screenlet



    How to create an Occupancy Display URL
    1. Select location from location options
    2. Select Manage Locations under Administration
    3. Select API Key(s)
    4. Click Add Key
    5. Input Name or note for API Key purpose
    6. Check off Occupancy Screenlet permission
    7. Click Add
    8. API Key will now be listed
    9. Obtain Location ID for location to display occupancy Screenlet. Found at bottom of page in Manage Locations when on the Top Level Chain
    10. Input the API Key and Location ID into the Following URL
    11. Use the URL on a screen browser or Smart TV for viewing (Note: Use to shorten long URLs - Learn More >)

    Learn More about API Keys and advanced options. Such as toggling display language, Screenlet Skin, Occupancy Stats as well as Custom Text.

    Receiving an E-mail or SMS when MAX Occupancy is exceeded

    T.M.A.S. has the ability to be configured to automatically check when Max occupancy has been reached or exceeded and indicate at which frequency you would like to perform verification.  Upon verification the system can alert an individual by e-mail or SMS message.

    • The frequency at which T.M.A.S. will send out an alert if the max occupancy has been reached is every 30 mins. (Note* Real Time Alerting coming soon)
    • Notification E-mails will be sent from only if it is detected that the current occupancy is at the MAX or exceeded.  
    • No e-mail will be sent if current occupancy is under MAX.

    Example of Notification E-mails

    How to Setup an E-mail or SMS Alert for Occupancy

    1. Select the location from location options
    2. Select Manage Locations under Administration
    3. Select Triggers
    4. Click Add Trigger
    5. Set Type to occupancy
    6. Set Medium as E-mail
      • Or SMS (To receive a Txt message)
    7. Input E-mail address 
      • Or Phone number if SMS selected in step 6
    8. Indicate a subject line for the E-mail
    9. Either check the box to use the locations max occupancy or indicate an occupancy value you would like the alert to be triggered for.
    10. (Optional) Input a start date and end date to indicate a duration for the notifications.
    11. Click Save

    Click here to learn more about Triggers

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