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T.M.A.S. Payment by locations

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    Please note that to access the credit card section in T.M.A.S., your user access must be 'Chain & User manager'.
    If you don't see the 'Manage Credit Card(s)' option, please ask your company's internal 'Chain & User manager' to grant you these rights or to perform the necessary action for you.


    In T.M.A.S. software under the Manage subscription tab, you have the option to manage software subscriptions based on the active devices/locations added in the application. 

    Customers can access the following:

    • View your Current Active subscriptions
    • View your Current Payment method and manage credit cards

    Accessing Manage Subscriptions

    1. Click on your username at the top right corner to view the drop-down menu 
    2. Click on the Manage Subscriptions option

    Active Subscription(s) for Devices/Locations plan

    Once you are on the Manage Subscription page, it displays the total of active devices/ locations.

    Green implies Used Device or Location Subscriptions

    Grey implies Total Device or Location Subscriptions available

    Yellow implies Used Devices/ locations Subscription has exceeded the max limit of allotments.

    Note* Applicable for location plans only - there is a limit of 4 counting devices which can be assigned to a single location's subscription. More units will generate additional subscriptions (one for each additional 4). 

    Details under Active Subscriptions Tab

    1. Subscription Type (Package Plan)
    2. Interval (Monthly / Yearly Plan)
    3. Quantity (Number of subscriptions based on your current plan)
    4. Price (listed price on our website by device. Note: It doesn't show the final invoiced amount)
    5. Next Payment (Date of next automatic billing) 

    Add, Edit or Cancel a Subscription

    Please contact our Customer Success team @ to ensure your request is taken care of.

    Managing Credit Cards

    Please see Manage Credit Cards article


    Q: I have removed a location or device, will this reduce my current subscription?

        A: Please delete the location(s) or device(s) no longer needed on the T.M.A.S. platform and advise Customer Success Team @ about the billing update. 

    Note: Make sure to extract all the data before deleting. 


    Q: How do I change my current monthly subscription to a yearly subscription?

        A: Please contact Customer Success Team @  so we can analyze your current subscription and provide options. 


    Q: Is it possible to manage separate subscriptions for each location/brand/country while maintaining the same billing address?

    Subscriptions on T.M.A.S. are not identified by namely location/device. We invoice for the total number of locations/devices that are on the platform.


    Q: What Payment Options are available?

    A: We accept the following credit cards: AMEX, Visa and Mastercard. 

        For amounts of 1,000.00$ USD & higher, other payment methods can be available. Please contact our Customer Success team @ to receive further information.

    Note* Any customer who had other payment methods prior to April 2019 will be unaffected by this and allowed to continue their pre-approved payment method.

    Q: How can I get receipts / invoices?

        A: Please contact administration @ They'll typically reply in the next 2 business days.

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