Traffic count factoring by device

Learn how traffic counts can vary based on sensor factors

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    T.M.A.S. has the ability to factor traffic data which is received as RAW data from various traffic counters dependent on the configures factor percentage.  Since modern intelligent traffic counters such as the 3DScope and Pearl are able to determine direction of a person entering or exiting and reporting this data separately a factor can be assigned for the following purposes.


    Device factoring is only applicable to Traffic counts and these setting will not have any influence on Occupancy values.


    Default config

    100% IN / 100% OUT*

    (Note * direction is NOT viewable in reports).

    With this default setup traffic values would represent when people are entering a location.  Out counts would then still be stored for reference purposes such as for the ability to help determine counter accuracy.

    Legacy config

    50% IN / 50% OUT

    (Note both directions are viewable in reports)

    With this setup a person entering and exiting would be counted as 0.5 per traffic counter detection (0.5 IN + 0.5 OUT = 1 Person).  This was commonly used with legacy beam counters which were unable to determine a person's direction and there for needed a factor as people would trip the beam twice when visiting a location.  This setting may also be enabled due to currently having a mix of legacy and modern traffic counters.

    Monitored Area Limitation 

    100% IN / 0 % or 

    0% IN / 100 % OUT

    When a location's monitored area is restricted to people flowing a particular direction, T.M.A.S. can filter out the counts by completely omitting a certain direction. This is commonly the setup for locations which have the IN entrance monitored by a traffic counter device and have a separate exit which is NOT monitored by a traffic counter or vice-versa.

    Legacy couple counting 

    25% IN / 25% OUT

    Typically used by furniture and electronic retail locations which determine that 2 people should equal 1 traffic as they are a single buying group. The 3DScope II counter has the ability to capture groups at the entrance as separate data point. LEARN ABOUT GROUP COUNTING

    Setting the device sensors factor.

    On account creation the default is set to 100% IN / 100% Out*.  Customers created prior to February 2023 will have the legacy mode (50% In / 50% Out) enabled.


    Changing the default device factor will result in all new devices added will use these settings.  Any devices previously added will still use the previously set factor setting.

    1. Login to T.M.A.S.
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Select Manage Locations
    4. Select Advanced
    5. Select desired factor from the dropdown
    6. Select save

    Changing / Resetting Device Factors


    It is NOT recommended to adjust factors as a solution for unwanted traffic.

    1. Select location
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Select Equipment Inventory
    4. Select Sensor
    5. Select Configuration
    6. Input the required factor
    7. (Optional) Check reset so that the factor will be modified since the date the device was added.

      NOTE: if this option is NOT checked, the counts in the Database will still report using the OLD factor.  When factors are changed, the old factor is end dated like business hours and a new factor is left enddate=null.
    8. Click submit


    Q: In the sensor traffic report the counts are “Ins” and “Outs” shown as per the 50% factor on counts, same as in the traffic reports, or are these whole counts?
    A: Sensor traffic report separates traffic directions and will show each direction of traffic in a separate column these values are factored dependent on your settings.  Traffic reports also will show factored traffic but will combine all directions and data that is selected as viewable in reports in the location's equipment inventory.  Occupancy log shows occupancy values, and those counts are not influenced by device sensor factors.
    Q: Does factoring count data affect use of the T.M.A.S. traffic API?
    A: If you are pulling factored traffic data from the API and NOT using the raw count variables then yes it does.
    Q: Are there any differences when configuring traffic count factoring on Pearl, 3D or other devices? 
    A:  Manipulation of factors are all the same and are changed individually on each count line sensor.
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