Location Options

How to select your location and date range for T.M.A.S reports

Table of Contents

    Selecting Locations

    Located at the top left of the TMAS login page, locations options is primarily used to select the location (Chain, District, Region or Store/Location) of focus for reporting options.

    Learn about managing locations

    By clicking the location balloon, your location tree will expand showing all the locations which your currently logged in user has access to view data for. Then you can either click or search for the location your looking for. Click the + or - next to a district or region will expand and collapse the group.

    Selecting a Date Range

    By navigating away from the Dashboard to either Analytics or another section, will unlock the calendar date selector.

    • Click on the calendar icon (above)

    • You will now see the date range selection popup-window (above)

    Use the following options to select a desired date range.

    1. Input a date
    2. Click the start date and end date in the calendar selector. Months and Years are selectable based on if there is data for this range.
    3. One-Click quick date selectors

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