PEARL - Storetraffic App advance configuration

App Advanced Configuration

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    The purpose of this article is to help you configure the PEARL(s) wifi setting without the need to log in to the Smart App. This is useful if you're staging your PEARL deployment or if you simply need to update the unit(s) Wi-Fi configuration. Note that this process does not link the unit to your store. 



    • Smart App installed
    • Access to the PEARL unit that requires configuration
    • Pearl(s), need to be already assigned to your location or it can be assigned manually via the T.M.A.S. platform after this process is completed

    1) Press the Advanced button
    2) Press Start
    3) Press Next
    ** Please read the instruction on the app as you might need some tools
    4) Remove the pull tab(s) and press Next
    5) Press on the proper mounting orientation
    6) Adjust the device mounting bracket as required and press Next
    7) Enable setup mode and press Next
    8) Follow the steps for the alignment and press Next
    9) Disable the install mode and press Next
    10) Enable setup mode
    11) Wait while the pearl broadcast it Wi-Fi access point
    12) Input your location Wi-Fi credentials and press the link to network
    13) Wait while the smart app configures your Pearl unit
    14) Once completed, take note of the Mac Address
    15) You will be brought back to the login page. You've completed the Adance configuration and can share the PEARL Mac Address with your Administrator. 


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