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    Getting Started Video

    Why you need Pearl People Counter?

    One can always doubt the impact of traffic counting on his business.

    Recommendations are to apply the very simple rules as you would for any other investment:

    •  Go with an experienced provider 
      • our 70,000+ installations around the globe should give you this level of confidence!
    • Choose the right technology 
      • PEARL benefits from our long term experience in the industry
      • Yet with a 2019 design & best-in-class capabilities!
    • Choose a solution which will provide a fast and good ROI 
      • Low upfront investment with no wires to run and an easy self-install
      • Take control over your store performance with SMS - Storetraffic App and/or T.M.A.S. advanced SaaS software!

    Join your peers in using SMS Storetraffic technologies and let us know your satisfaction!

    If you want to place an order, just click here: PEARL PEOPLE COUNTER

    What's in the box and what else do I need?

    • 2 Sensors Main / Secondary (1 Pair per box)
    • Sensor mounts  (already attached for Side mounting)
    • Instructions Card (Scan for tutorial video and free app from store)
    • SMS Tool (Used to activate/reset sensors)
    • 8 x AA Batteries (already installed in sensors, 4 in each sensor)
    • Screwdriver (Optional - Required only if need to configure in front facing)
    • Pencil and Tape measure (Used to measure and mark mounting position)
    • Mounting Hardware (Optional -  Required only if not using the 2-way sticky adhesive already on the sensor mounts)

    Download the SMS Storetraffic App

    Tutorial Video - Download and Install App

    Steps for Android Google Play Store
    1. Open Google Play
    2. Search for Storetraffic
    3. Install the Storetraffic app
    4. Open Storetraffic App
    5. Agree to Terms and conditions
    Steps for Apple App Store
    1. Open App Store
    2. Search for Storetraffic
    3. Get the Storetraffic app
    4. Open Storetraffic App
    5. Agree to Terms and conditions

    Register / Login to the SMS Storetraffic App

    1. Open Storetraffic App previously downloaded
    2. Select Create Account
    3. Input the following Information
      • E-mail address (will be used as your login name)
      • Select a Language
      • 1st Name
      • Last Name
      • (Optional) Title
      • (Optional) Phone Number
    4. Click Submit
    5. Confirm e-mail is correct
    6. Select All Good to receive e-mail with account information
    7. Open your E-mail app
    8. Find Welcome to SMS Smart App e-mail sent from
    9. Open the E-mail
    10. Scroll and locate your username
    11. Highlight and copy user name
    12. Click Configure Password button - 
    13. Open URL - This will open a web browser and direct your to a website to configure your password
    14. Input/Paste username
    15. Input a password
    16. Confirm password
    17. Select configure your password - password created message will appear
    18. Toggle back to the Storetraffic app
    19. Login with your username and configured password.

    Setup Chain / Location and Business Hours

    Follow instructions within the SMS - Storetraffic App for installation.

    1. Select Chain Setup
    2. Input the following information
      • Business category
      • Name of Business Brand
      • Phone number of business
      • Country
      • State / Province
      • City
      • Street
      • Zip / Postal Code
    3. (Optional) Uncheck "Generate the Store" if you have more than 1 location which is not in the same location as the head office. Otherwise if you only have a single location or the flagship location has the same address as the business, leave it checked.
    4. Select Create location
    5.  (Optional) If "Generate the Store" was left unchecked, Click Add store to create a location and repeat steps 2 and 4.
    6. Configure business hours for the location - Pearl Device Battery Saver!
      • Select or Input Opening and Closing time with the selection wheel or input time manually.
      • Uncheck day if location is closed.
    7.  Select Save Business Hours
    8. (Optional) Should you require to make any changes in the future, select the configure option 

    Add a Device

    • Locate a new device with the SMS Smart App
      1. Launch the SMS Smart App
      2. Expand the desired locations options and press device list
      3. Press device list
      4. Press add a new device

    Configuring the Pearl Device wizard

      1. Label your PEARL- Configure PEARL Device
        1. Indicate a name for your device, typically a device is named for the location where it will be monitoring such as Main entrance, Back door, Hallway X... ect.
        2. Select Installation Instructions and proceed to Step 1 of the Configure PEARL device wizard from the APP.
          • Wi-Fi configuration will bypass all the installation instructions and skip to the Network programming part of the wizard.
          • Advanced will allow for the input of a MAC address of a previously configured PEARL device.
      2. Package Content - Step 1 Configure PEARL device
        • Verify you have all equipment required
          • Main Sensor
          • Secondary Sensor
          • SMS Tool
          • Mounting Brackets (Included)
          • 8 x AA Batteries (Included)
          • Pencil, Tape Measure (Optional: Screwdriver)
      3. Power On - Step 2 Configure PEARL device
        • Sensor will boot up (Approximately 30-45 seconds).
        • Pull the battery tab on both sensors. (Should you have purchased more than one set of sensors, setup up only 1 pair at a time to avoid Wi-Fi conflicts).
        • A solid green light will appear indicating that the sensor is powering off.  Once complete the light will blink 
          • once every 5 seconds to indicate that the counter is NOT CONFIGURED or 
          • if the counter is ALREADY CONFIGURED, the light will go off.
      4. Installation Method - Step 3 Configure PEARL device
        • Select Front or Side Mounted based on your entrance. (Note: Out of the box the sensors are already setup for SIDE mounted.)
      5. Adjust Device - Step 4 Configure PEARL device
        • Configure the sensor mount to correspond to the Installation Method previously selected.
      6. Setup Mode - Step 5 Configure PEARL device
        • This mode allows for the alignment of the device and linking to the location's Wi-Fi network 
          • Using the SMS Tool, press the hidden button to enable the setup mode. Once Enabled the device will light up with a solid red light. (Note: Setup mode will ONLY last 10 minutes prior to it timing out)
      7. Alignment - Step 6 Configure PEARL device
        1.  Start to peel tape and affix the SECONDARY unit to the RIGHT SIDE (from inside the location looking out).
        2.  Mount it on the 1' inch from the utmost RIGHT edge of the door frame so that the BOTTOM part of the sensor is at 54(inches) from the ground.
        3. Place the MAIN sensor on the LEFT side 1' inch from the utmost LEFT edge of the door frame so that the BOTTOM part of the sensor is at 54" (inches) from the ground. 
        4. Align until the light is SOLID GREEN (Flashing red may be an indication that the sensors are NOT properly aligned or that the entrance is too wide (Max 16.5ft)
      8. Disable Setup mode - Step 7 Configure PEARL device
        • If there is still a SOLID light on the MAIN unit, press the button once to disable the setup mode, This will ensure that the device does not timeout prior to the next step to program the PEARL Wi-Fi settings.
      9. Enabling Setup Mode - Step 8 Configure PEARL device
        • Wi-Fi configuration
          • You will be required to know the location Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password
        • Using the SMS Tool, press the hidden button to enable the setup mode. Once Enabled the device will light up with a solid red light. (Note: Setup mode will ONLY last 10 minutes prior to it timing out)
      10. PEARL AP activation - Step 9 Configure PEARL device
        •  The purpose of this step Is to allow for the PEARL device to activate and broadcast it's AP for network configuration.  There should be a SOLID light on the counter during this step.  If there is no light on the counter, back out and restart the WiFi configuration steps while properly enabling the SETUP mode   
      11. Link to network Configure PEARL device
        1. Complete the form to indicate the local Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password you would like the PEARL to be connected to.  
        2. Warning

          The PEARL device is only compatible with Wi-Fi networks communicating on the 2.4ghz frequency.  5ghz network programming will result in communication failure. 

        3. Press Link to Network 
      12. Counter Assignment - Configure PEARL device
        • Upon pressing Link to network, the APP will send the network configuration to the PEARL counter and communicate with the SMS Cloud software to assign the device to the location in the PEARL app. Take note of the PEARL device MAC address in the event you need to provide this to your network administrator.


    Q: At what height should the sensors be mounted at?

    A: The PEARL counter should be mounted at approximately 54" inches (137cm)


    Q: How wide an entrance does the PEARL counter cover?

    A: The PEARL counters can cover an entrance as wide as 16 1/2' Feet (5m), Should you require a wider coverage, consider our 3DScope counter.


    Q: Does the PEARL counter work through glass?

    A: The PEARL counter requires an unobstructed view in-between the sensors in order to count accurately. Glass can have different tint, thickness or reflective properties therefore making NOT the recommended counting technology.  Ask us about our 3DScope counter.


    Q: What can I do if I have a poor WiFi signal at our entrance?

    A: Get a wifi extender/repeater - The 10 Best Wi-Fi Extenders of 2019

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