T.M.A.S. - Retail Pro P.O.S. Integration

Learn how to quickly and easily integrate your Retail Pro Point of Sale system with the T.M.A.S. platform for a streamlined experience.

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    T.M.A.S. allows for the integration of each of your locations' Retail Pro POS accounts so that it can import the following data for the purpose of populating the dashboard as well as various reports.

    • Sales Data
    • Transactional Data
    • Staff Hours (compatible plugin required)

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    • Retail Pro 9
    • Active T.M.A.S. Retail Subscription or higher 
    • Having purchased the Retail Pro POS integration option (cost in FAQ below)
    • Giving SMS Storetraffic and its Retail Pro official partner appropriate rights on the customer terminals and external access to install plug in :
      • Unattended remote access to EACH workstation where Retail Pro is installed and needs to have data exported
      • A windows login with local administration rights

    How to setup the integration

    Contact SMS Storetraffic

    When ready reach out to success@storetraffic.com with the following requirements.

    Step 1 - Obtain location list from customer

    SMS Storetraffic will require a list of all locations including their store # and addresses so that they can be matched between systems.

    Step 2 - Create FTP account for client

    SMS Storetraffic will create an FTP account for the POS data to be uploaded.

    Step 3 - Plugin installation 

    Through the provided access specified in the requirements, SMS Storetraffic and its Retail Pro official partner will install a plugin on each Retail Pro station.

    Step 4 - Obtain the names of all stores in the POS

    Through the provided access specified in the requirements, SMS Storetraffic and its Retail Pro official partner will extract a list of all locations in the POS, which will be needed for the next step.

    Step 5 - Match each store with appropriate Location ID in T.M.A.S. 

    SMS Storetraffic will ensure the following: Each stores' T.M.A.S. location ID needs to be named, using the number that corresponds to each respective store.



    You might encounter an issue loading the "Location ID Validation" during setup.


    1. Click "Next," accept the pop-up, and proceed with the integration.
    2. Afterward, go to "Manage Locations" in "Administration" (in T.M.A.S.) with your main Chain selected under "Location Options" on the top left. 
    3. Then, select the location(s) and adjust the Location ID, according to the requirements specified within this guide.


    Example: If the store in the POS is called 1-PLM 333 Worth Avenue, then its counterpart in T.M.A.S. needs to have a location ID of "1".

    Step 6 - Schedule hourly uploads to T.M.A.S.

    SMS Storetraffic and its Retail Pro official partner use a scheduling tool for Retail Pro's date to be uploaded every hour to T.M.A.S.

    Therefore, files sent from each individual store must begin with the store name.

    Example: Store #6 : In T.M.A.S. , it should have location ID "6". Files exported form Retail Pro should have "0006" preceding the date/time (e.g. 0006-09212022.csv)

    SMS Storetraffic Step: All files will be uploaded to SMS FTP server's root folder, therefore, SMS Storetraffic needs to switch the user's root to the import folder (in the FTP admin access).


    Retail Pro versions 9

    For hourly T.M.A.S. uploads, Retail Pro versions 9 need to be run using Windows Task Scheduler

    Local Windows credentials with Task Scheduler privileges will be required to run the task when nobody is logged into the machine


    Report / Data Validation - Dashboard

    Once the setup has been confirmed completed by SMS Storetraffic and its Retail Pro official partner, the client needs to validate it by:

    1. Generating T.M.A.S. Retail-related reports (example : TotallingHourly %, etc.) 
    2.  Verifying the Dashboard for sales numbers


    Q: How much does the Retail Pro POS integration option cost?
    A:  Customers purchasing 3-year prepaid T.M.A.S. Retail subscription(s) will get this free of charge. Customers going with Monthly / 1-year prepaid option pay a one-time 100$ per location + one-time 35$ per POS terminal.

    Q: What is the refresh rate of POS data in T.M.A.S.?
    A: POS information is updated hourly

    Q: Why is the file not uploading hourly?
    A: Check the Task Scheduler to verify that Tasks were executed properly

    QSales showing incomplete or delayed.  
    A: Check i) task scheduling time is set to run on the hour or just a bit past and ii) TMAS hourly schedule is set to run after the confirmed time and uploaded to FTP.

    Q: What type of Windows account should be used to setup Task Manager?
    A: Recommended to use a service account so that the Job does NOT fail when the domain admin password changes or the account is disabled / removed. IE: Service account = User and Password with permissions to run the task scheduler and password "WILL NOT EXPIRE".**



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