Remote Site Study

A guide to providing us with the required information to identify what hardware you require

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    SMS can help you determine the best solution based on the nature of your entrance.

    Following the instructions below, SMS will be able to provide you with a best install scenario, confirming which hardware and how many units/accessories are needed in your specific scenario - please see an example here.

    When trying to determine which type of hardware/mounting options are required, numerous different factors must be considered:

    • Purchasing the appropriate hardware
    • Deciding where it should be mounted
    • Deciding how it should be mounted
    • How much cabling will be needed
    • Do the doors open inward or outward?
    • Are there ceiling lights or objects that can obstruct the view of the counter?
      • IF YES, additional mounting equipment / alternative mounting scenarios might be needed.

    SMS team looks forward to helping you determine the best option for your project!

    Required Information for Traffic-Counting

    Indoor vs. Outdoor :

    Confirm if the people counting sensor will be mounted indoor or outdoor

    a) Ceiling Height 
    b) Door Height
    c) Entrance Width

    Photos of the entrance:

    1) FRONT
    2) FRONT looking up at ceiling

    Required Information for Pass-by Counting 

    Indoor vs. Outdoor : Confirm if the people counting sensor will be mounted indoor or outdoor


    1. General view of the store front from the outside
    2. Close-up shot of each window display
    3. View from inside of the window displays
    4. View from possible location(s) of the camera

    Commercial Storefront Installation and Repair – Big Horn Door Company



    4. (example below - please note this photo includes the result of the calibration, not expected from you at all.)


    1. Height of ceiling inside window display
    2. Height from a) ground/floor to b) top of the window/highest non obstructed point in the window display|
    3. Distance from a) the store front to b) the farthest ‘obstruction free’ visible point
      (typically edge of side walk for a street location, corridor for a mall with kiosks or resting areas in the center, total open area for a mall with nothing between stores facing each other)



    Please note recommendations are based on the information provided to SMS.
    If photos of finished entrance(s) are not provided, then the onsite tech team might need to proactively update their installation plan to factor in obstructions and/or unforeseen additional difficulties, recommending that they refer to our installation article in this case.

    For Larger Projects

    Should your site require multiple devices for different entrances, submitting a floor plan can also be helpful.

    Where to Send the Request

    Please send the above photos and measurements to and we will provide you with hardware and mounting recommendations, as well as a quote.



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