Pearl - Getting to know your Pearl Counter

Pearls unbox, what next.

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    In this article we assume that you have completed the installation of the Pearls by following on video tutorial . Below will explain the delay on getting your first traffic data and how to set your business hours.

    When will the data be accessible

    Once the unit has been configured via the app. The unit will communicate with the software to fetch it configuration in the next full interval. This step can take up to 2 hours to complete depending on the current time. 

    For example: If we initialized the Pearl at 14h30 it will not communicate at 15h00 because there was not a full hour. So instead it will report at 16h00. At which point it will communicate on every hour after that, ex: 17h00, then 18h00, then 19h00 and so on.

    Configuring Business Hours

    Setup your store business hours. This step will help extend the life of your batteries since by imputing your store hours will set the Pearl to sleep when your store is closed. If this step is skipped this then your unit will report every hour all day and every day.

    In this step we assume that you are logged-in the free app.

    1. Press on the settings icon next to the store on which you want to configure store hours.

    2. Press on the Business Hours Icon.

    3. Select or Deselect the required opened or closed days, repeat for each day.

    4. Input the Opening and Closing hours for each day, repeat for each day.

    5. Scroll to the bottom and press on save.

     Your business hours will be applied on the following day.

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