T.M.A.S. showing 0 Traffic in Reports

What does it mean and how to resolve

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    0 Traffic values are displaying through out the day where it is believed there was actual traffic which should have been recorded by the traffic counters.  This may appear for all sensors or only certain entrances.

    This is typically indicative of a hardware setting or issue as the software communication is working, however traffic was not submitted properly by the counter.


    The cause is related to the type of traffic counter installed in your location.  Please refer to the following Quick Tips.

    • Traffic counter may have been without power for a period of time and no counts were obtained by the software
    • 3DScope firmware may be out of date or blinded
    • Wireless Beam sensor may have depleted batteries
    • Wired Beam sensor may be blocked or has been knocked out of alignment
    • Overhead Traffic counters may be blocked or need to be cleaned
    • PEARL device may not be reporting traffic


    Verify that the device is powered and (If a 3DScope) can be accessed by web browser portal.

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