3D Scope - Login Applet

Gain insight into how to create a 3D Scope login applet for secure authentication.

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    This guide is to help customers connect to a 3D Scope I unit via the java applet.


    • 3D Scope I (version or above)
    • Java Applet, Download Link:  Hella-APC-HMI-applet-3.20.zip
    • Firewall to allow port TCP 10073 & 10074
    • Java 32-bit installed on the local PC


    1. Download the Java Applet and extract it on your computer
    2. Execute the Hella-APC-HIM-applet-3.20.jar
    3. In the java applet screen enter: 
                                                          a. Input the device IP  (ex:
                                                          b. Input the username 
                                                          c. Input the password
                                                          d. Click Connect 
    4. You should now have access to the unit's interface



    If needed reach out to SMS at techsupport@storetraffic.com to request the default login information.

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