3DScope - Image from traffic counter is blurred

Problem / Solution

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    Problem: When logging into the camera interface, the image from the live view appears to be blurred.


    • Blurred image in live view
    • Traffic counter does not count accurately
    • Traffic counter cannot be properly calibrated
    • Traffic counter cannot be properly audited


    • Verify the traffic counter lens has been properly cleaned after installation (or lately) - wipe of any finger prints and smudges?
    • Is the camera mounted indoors? There are specifically designed models for outdoor use which protect from the elements such as moisture.
    • Have you input the correct height and performed an AUTO OSD resulting in no change to the camera blurred view? 
    • Verify the view from the second lens and determine is the issue is hardware related.
      • steps to change the cam view on the backend.  Thoroughly test the calibration if the above has been verified.  If the blurred cannot be corrected and it is not possible to calibrate accurately we will open an RMA.
    1. Connect to 3DScope in debug mode – http://[ipaddress]/index-debug.htm 

        2. Expand Debug Menu

        3. Select Service Feature

        4. Select view from other lens

                • Original_Rect_Left ---- Original_Rect_Right or viceversa.

        5. Click Refresh Image


    If the above has not resolved your issue.  Please e-mail techsupport@storetraffic.com the following information to verify the device warranty and open an RMA if required to replace the traffic counter.

    •     MAC Address of Device
    •     Complete Address and contact information
    •     Screenshot of live view of traffic counter.
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