3DScope - Updating the Firmware through the browser

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    Process to Update Firmware on 3DScope

    Process Requirements

    • Applies to 1st Generation 3DScope traffic counter only
    • Ability to access the traffic counter on the network through a browser.
    • Firmware update file downloaded to PC which will be used to access and upload for updating.
    • Windows PC with Internet Explorer with Java 32bit installed and enabled

    Unable to access counter through browser due to certificate error

    Contact techsupport@storetraffic.comfor steps on how to access counter through SSH using winscp and update firmware to version 3.10 so that the 3D Access applet can be used to bypass browser access.

    Verifying the current Version

    The current firmware installed on the device can be verified in the following locations after login.

    • The current version would be located on the overview windows next to firmware version.

    Firmware Version Files

    How to Video

    How to Steps

    ** CAUTION ** Certain firmware releases may reset the counter IP back to the default of requiring it to be reprogrammed for the network.

    1. Download the firmware
    2. Login to Traffic counter through a browser http://[ipaddress
    3. Select service tools from the left side menu
    4. Select Firmware Update on the upper tab
    5. Click on Update on the bottom page
    6. Browse to downloaded firmware location from step 1.
    7. Select Firmware file
    8. Click Open - File will upload then install - very important (DO NOT CLOSE BROWSER or POWER OFF DEVICE) during the update.
    9. The traffic counter will reboot automatically after the update is complete.
    10. Refresh browser to re-access device, if device can no longer be accessed the IP address may have been reset back to default.

    Error - Unable to access counter through web browser due to invalid certificate?

    Contact techsupport@storetraffic.com for steps about how to update the count through WINSCP using SSH.

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