T.M.A.S. - Erply P.O.S. Integration

Learn how to quickly and easily integrate your Erply Point of Sale system with the T.M.A.S. platform for a streamlined experience.

Table of Contents

    T.M.A.S. allows for the integration of each of your locations Erply accounts so that it can import the following data:

    • Sales Data
    • Transactional Data
    • Items Sold
    • Staff Hours (To be available in a future release).

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    • Active Retail Subscription or higher for T.M.A.S.
    • Aligned location ID of T.M.A.S. to match ERPLY.
    • Active ERPLY account which will be able to authorize T.M.A.S. integration.

    Setting up the Integration

    Finding the integration

    1. Login to T.M.A.S.

    2. Expand Administration

    3. Select POS Integration

    4. Select ERPLY

    Complete General Information

    5. Input Label 

    (Optional use your business / chain name)

    6. Input Client Code 

    (This is your ERPLY account number)

    7. Input Username and password for authentication.

    8. Click Next


    Match Location ID between ERPLY and T.M.A.S.

    9. Click Edit next to the location

    10. Update the ID to match ERPLY - Store # 1,2,3…ect

    11. Check the box to make the change.

    12. Edit other locations as needed.

    13. Click Next

    14. Verify location ID and Select Yes to following message.



    You might encounter an issue loading the "Location ID Validation" during setup.


    1. Click "Next," accept the pop-up, and proceed with the integration.
    2. Afterward, go to "Manage Locations" in "Administration" (in T.M.A.S.) with your main Chain selected under "Location Options" on the top left. 
    3. Then, select the location(s) and adjust the Location ID, according to the requirements specified within this guide.


    Setting an Import Schedule

    15. Select Hourly

    16. Set time to 00:02

    17. Click Finish


    The setup is complete, and you should see data populating in the dashboard and reports at the top of the next hour according to your scheduling settings. To verify the data, generate a Totaling or Data Export report.


    How to Disable / Enable or Remove the Integration

    Disable Single or Multiple locations - Change Location Status
    1. Select Location
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Select Manage Location
    4. Change status via dropdown to other than functional.
    5. Click Save
    Disable - All Locations
    1. Select Location
    2. Expand Administration
    3. Select Manage Locations
    4. Select Import / Export Data / POS Integration
    5. Click Edit next to ERPLY job
    6. Uncheck Active (Or Check to activate.)
    7. Click save
    Removing the Integration
    1. Login to T.M.A.S. (https://www.smssoftware.net/tmas/index.jsp)
    2. Expand Administration.
    3. Select Manage Location.
    4. Select Import / Export Data / POS Integration.
    5. Check the Import job to remove which has format showing ERPLY.
    6. Select Delete or the Trash Can Icon.
    7. Select Yes to the following message.


    Q: How often does the ERPLY Data refresh in T.M.A.S.?
    A: Data refresh is determined by the schedule set for the integration, Example: If you set Hourly to start at 00:02 as indicated in the steps above the data will refresh at 2 mins past each hour. For more info verify the setting an import schedule in the above steps of this article.
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