T.M.A.S. - Square P.O.S. Integration

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    T.M.A.S. allows for the integration of each of your locations Square POS accounts so that it can import the following data for the purpose of populating the dashboard as well as various reports.

    • Sales Data
    • Transactional Data
    • Items Sold
    • Staff Hours

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    • Active T.M.A.S. Retail Subscription
    • Square account which will be able to authorize T.M.A.S. integration 

    How to setup the Integration

    1. Obtain the Square location ID
    2. Update T.M.A.S. with the Square location ID to match
    3. Authorize T.M.A.S. to obtain data from Square

    1. Obtaining the Square location ID

    1. Login to you Square account
    2. Navigate to "Account & Settings"
    3. Select Business/Locations
    4. Click on your locations name
    5. Take note of the last characters from your location id found in the pages URL (ex: VR3ARXMS)

    2. Updating T.M.A.S. with the Square location ID to match

    1. Login to T.M.A.S.
    2. Update the T.M.A.S. location ID to match the last 4 characters of your Square location
      1. Select your store in the location selector
      2. Select Administration
      3. Select Manage Locations
      4. Update the location ID to match the 13 character of your Square location ID (ex above: VR3ARXMS)
      5. Save
      6. Repeat all additional locations 

    3. Select you Chain location (Top Level of location tree)

    4. Select Import/Export/P.O.S. Integrations

    5. Select Add under import section

    6. Select POS API from the import type drop-down menu

    7. Complete General Information

    • Label = Square Integration (or any label name you want)
    • Import Type = POS API
    • POS Vendor = Square 

    8. press Log in to Square to provide permission to T.M.A.S. to retrieve the data

    1. Input the username and password of your Square account to authorize access for T.M.A.S.
    2. Click Sign In
    3. Click Authorize Application
    4. Close the authorization window
    5. Wait for T.M.A.S. to state Authenticated
    6. Click Next
    7. Set the Schedule (Recommended Hourly, 00:05) - This is when during the hour T.M.A.S. will fetch the information from Square and update the dashboard / reports.
    8. Select Finish - Integration will now be displayed as an import with the Label provided.
    9. Click Run Now (Orange Cloud Icon)
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